Meeting with Delta

On October 28 & 29, the air route development team at HIA met with air route planners at Delta (in Atlanta) to discuss the future of Delta at HIA post Delta/Northwest merger. The Delta planners were pleased that their service is performing well at HIA and indicated that they have no immediate plans to change the service levels offered at HIA post merger. Nonstop service currently offered by Delta from HIA is Atlanta and Cincinnati. Northwest offers nonstop service to Detroit and Minneapolis from HIA.

The HIA air route development team spent part of their meeting with Delta educating Delta on what our region has to offer to them. What are your thoughts on what Delta can offer to this region? What key destinations would you like to see Delta add to their nonstop offerings at HIA?


  1. Hopefully DL stays true to there word. CVG sounds like it's going to get the Axe as a hub if it doesn't perform well. SLC would be a great addition, at least during ski season, and DFW.

  2. I am hoping they don't get rid of CVG because that is my home airport, but I think it is inevitable. It cannot compete with flights into DAY via DTW/IAD, and I don't see any value in CVG as a connecting city over DTW, especially when NW uses superior equipment on half of their flights MDT-DTW.

    Probably HIA would like to keep its CVG service. It would be interesting to see how many people flying out of MDT are actually terminating in CVG versus connecting. I have a feeling the number isn't large.